X ≫ Software Engineer
IU ≫ Dual-PhD Candidate [CV]
 Cognitive Science
 Computational Linguistics

What I Do

My primary research is in unifying formal theories of “language”; that is, in cross applying theoretical work from the fields of formal linguistics, computational lingustics, logic, constructive mathematics, and type theory. More particularly, I am interested in the interface between morphology and semantics —especially when multiple languages interact, as in: translation/​compilation, code-switching/​EDSLs, metaprogramming/​metalinguistics, etc.


Where to Find Me

Email wrengr@indiana.eduwrengr@chromium.org
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My Blog varies wildly between linguistics, mathematics, programming, philosophy, gender/sexuality studies, discussions of ableism and living with mental and physical disabilities, and more besides. Here’s a filtered version which includes only the Haskell- and math-oriented posts.

My Twitter is predominantly focused on social justice activism (as well as offering an outlet for venting and linkspam). However, I do often discuss —and link to discussions of— the underrepresentation of women and minoritized people in STEM; which is often of professional interest to other scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.

Do you want to send messages only I can decrypt? Or verify my signature to make sure something actually came from me and hasn’t been tampered with? If so, you can use my GnuPG public key: 5651 8307 703A C6C5 F86F A7D6 211B 98FF DD8B B721. If you’re looking for more information about whether to trust my key (and maybe even sign it!), you can find me on Keybase. I also use Wickr, because privacy saves lives and is an essential component of a free and just society.

I use IRC sporadically (username: wrengr). When I’m around, I can be found in #lambdanow (née #nothaskell) and #lambdaladies, as well as various other Haskell and type-theory related channels on Freenode.